4 Kinds of Guys You Need To Stay Away From

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To find the perfect man for yourself, you will probably date many guys and doing so is a very natural thing as you would never know if a guy is the perfect one for you unless you attempt a relationship with him and see what kind of a lover he is. And during this process, you will probably suffer many heartbreaking moments which is also natural. People get more and more mature the more they experience and even though the experience is painful for that moment, by facing it you gain a lot more than a pain. You become experienced and a step closer to the perfect man you are looking for.

However; there are still 4 kinds of guys you need to stay away from and if you do so, you will avoid experiences that are too painful and heartbreaking. These guys will give you more harm than a heartbreak. These kinds of guys do act as the perfect guy for you until they make sure that they gained your love and devotion. Then slowly, they start to reveal their true personality and start to make life difficult for you. If you are in a relationship with one of these guys, it is better that you end the relationship before you have to face a very bad experience.



1. The Stingy Guy

This kind of guy, the stingy one, will lose not much time after a few dates with you to start to make you pay for everything. He will not be shy about making up excuses like he has forgotten his wallet somewhere or that he is short of money. You will soon find out he always says he is short of money. Even though you get the smallest thing during a date or went to a cinema or went to a romantic dinner, this guy will always try to make you pay for them. If your boyfriend is like that it means you are with a stingy guy who always look for the opportunity to get free of any charge. This behaviour also means he is not willing to sacrifice anything of himself for you so he is not worth your time.

2. The Sluggish Guy

At your first date, this guy attracted you with his ideals, ambitions, goals in life and his seemingly social and active life. Yet once you settle in a serious relationship with him, you will observe that he does nothing about his so-called goals in life and you can see no trace of his social and active life as all the does is sitting on the couch, playing video games and ordering food. This guy has no motivation to do something good in his life. As he has no will to do something good for even for his own life, you should not expect anything from him for yourself.


3. The Workaholic Guy

The workaholic is the total opposite of the sluggish guy yet we cannot say that this guy is any better than him. During the fresh times of your relationship he seems to be the perfect one as he has a great and successful career, a nice sum of salary and a bright future. Yet it will not be so long time until you realize that he has no time to spend for you. He keeps talking about business and his work even during those little times he is with you. He will try to impress you with expensive gifts and dinners at luxurious restaurants. However; when things start to get serious with your relationship, he will start to focus his work even more and you will be the second important thing for him after his work if you want to view it the most optimistic way. If you insist on being in a relationship with this kind of a guy, you should get used to always being in the second plan.


4. The Immature Guy

It is not known for sure why they are like that however some guys do never become a mature man. Probably because they have insecurities about handling all the responsibilities being a mature man brings yet teaching them how to handle things is not something you need to do as you are not his mother. This kind of guy, at first, looks very attractive and conquer your heart with his coolness and popularity. However, the more time passes in your relationship, you will realize he had more annoying sides than attractive ones. The only thing this kind of guy wants is to have fun. This will be fun for you at first as well, yet later you will realize that he is not interested in a serious and long lasting relationship with you. He will find the ideas of a serious relationship and moving in together extremely boring. And he will start to cheat on you without losing much time. If you are looking for the perfect man for yourself to have a long lasting and faithful relationship, you should stay away from the immature guy.


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