7 Things You Should Not Share With Your Boyfriend

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We know you love your boyfriend and with the deep love you have for him, you would never hide something from him. However, no matter if you like it or not, there are certain limits in every relationship and keeping them is very essential for that relationship if you want it to be a healthy and long lasting one. Of course, we do not suggest that you should hide things from your boyfriend. Yet there are some certain things that your boyfriend should never know. These might seem like unimportant details however they are crucial for every romantic relationship. Here are the 7 most important things you should not share with your boyfriend.


1. Your bodily functions

Yes, to be honest, everyone pees, poops, burps and farts. However guys mostly prefer seeing girls elegant and feminine so mentioning that you do or have done any of these to your boyfriend will not be something wise to do. It will only make him think you are not the elegant beauty he thinks. Plus, these are very pointless things to share with people.

2. Secrets of your BFF

If your BFF tells you her deepest secrets, that means she trusts you and that is what BFFs do; trust each other. So you should act worthy of that trust. No matter how much you love your boyfriend and no matter how discreet you think he is, do never share your BFF`s secrets with your boyfriend. You can never know how long your relationship with your boyfriend will last. Of course, you would love to think that it will last forever yet you can never know what would happen in the future.


3. Your toothbrush

You two, you and your boyfriend, might be kissing and making out a lot. You might even be sharing your plates and drinks however do never share a toothbrush with anyone. Get yourself a toothbrush and stay away from germs.

4. The password of any account you have

Being in an intimate relationship with someone does not mean you should give them information that is too personal and normally risky to share with other people. If you give him a password to any of your accounts; whether it is a bank account, e-mail account or facebook / twitter / instagram accounts, that might result in unwanted interference in your personal life. Moreover, if he asks if he can have the password to any of your accounts, it means he does not trust you. Do not share a passwordwith him unless you have a account that you both use.


5. That you dislike someone from his family

Some of us might not like or enjoy the company of their boyfriend`s family. But there`s no need for you to actually mention that to your boyfriend unless the person / people you dislike deliberately does something to annoy you. If you tell him that you dislike his family or someone from his family, you will force him to make a choice and it might not end the way you would like it. If you have a serious from with a member of his family, you should kindly discuss the matter with him.

6. Your insecurities

If you think your thighs are fat, your legs are short, your breasts are small, your hair looks awful no matter what you do; please do keep those things to yourself. Your boyfriend is with you because he thinks you are attractive so why would you try to make it difficult for yourself? Plus mentioning things like those will only make him to focus on themand you would not like that.

7. Your past with its every detail

Of course, you should not lie to your boyfriend and hide your past from him. However; that does not mean that he should know every single bit of detail about your past. Do not give him reasons to doubt you or the relationship you two have. Especially sharing information about your relationships with your ex boyfriends and how those relationships ended will never help you a single bit.



Trust and honestly is very important in every relationship however you can still have a trustworthy and honest relationship without mentioning any of the things we listed above. The only things you should do is to consider it over and over again before you share any important information.


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