Are mermaids real

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Before making any comments on reality of mermaids, it`s better to get some information about what kind of a creature it is.

A mermaid is a legendary or mythological creature that lives in underwater. And what`s most special about a mermaid is its appearence. It looks like a woman with the tail of a fish.

We can see mermaids in stories of many different cultures. Though the first stories about them emerged in Assyria. And this myth is rather amazing. The goddess Atargatis (Goddess of the sea) accidentally killed her lover that was a human. She felt so shameful that she transformed herself into a mermaid. This was the first story telling us about a mermaid and clearly the origin of many others.


Therefore, mermaids is not a new subject for mankind. It was long before people talked and wrote about them. Actually, they have been an important topic throughout history causing many conflicts and much more confusion. Some people wanted to believe mermaids are real, while the others intensively reject their reality. It is still argued today whether they really exist or not, and this ambiguity does not seem to vanish in a little while. There have been many reports and writings to support their existence, and here are some of these.

As we go back in time, in the 1st Century A.D., the Roman author - Plinly the Elder, wrote about them as ``women with rough scaly bodies like fish.`` Later on, Physiologus (5th Century, A.D.) followed him describing the real mermaid in his work. In 13th Century, B. Angelicus also described the mermaid in his book ``De Propietatibus Rerum``. He told it as a femme fatale that steals sailors from their ships. Or Angelicus was just an anti-feminist. Yet these were not the only mentions to the mermaids in history.

In 1493, Christopher Columbus reported that he saw three mermaids saying, `They were not as beautiful as they are painted, although to some extent they have a human appearance in the face`. What can we say! Mermaids weren`t Columbus` type.


Wait! The best one is coming now! Fishermen in Ceylon caught 7 mermaids in 1560. And someone named Bosquez performed autopsies on these mermaids. Here is a picture of it:


Okay, it`s getting hard to believe, but I`m going on. There was a book named `Historia Monstrorum` in which I found a very interesting drawing depicting a mermaid and her mate embracing each other. It is said to have been reported near the Nile River delta. And this is it:


Other than this report, there was Henry Hudson (explorer of the Hudson River) telling us about the mermaid he recorded as: ``tail of a porpoise and speckled like a mackerel.`` It was six years later Hudson`s record when John Smith claimed to have seen a mermaid at Massachusetts in 1614.

Surely all of these events made some people curious, but there came a day when many people were bewildered to see one of the most terrific findings in history. Phineas T. Barnum displayed the `Feejee Mermaid` at his museum in New York city. It was definitely sensational! Some people believed it was real, and some totally ignored its reality. But soon the truth was understood. It was a fraud. The human portion of the mermaid was the body of an orangutan and the bottom part taken from a large salmon. Though Feejee was a real masterpiece, it was so disgusting even to look at this creature.


While people were still argueing on the reality of mermaids, the National Ocean Service made an explanation in July 2012. They stated ``no evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.``


That is to say, there is actually nothing as a real mermaid. There is no real evidence to prove its existence. Besides, some nimble scientists or modern technology stuff would find it at once if it really lived somewhere, right ? But this doesn`t mean all these people claiming to have seen it were liars. I`m just saying: What did they really see? Their vision could be misleading, it could be any human-looking sea creature or just an illusion. Or the most rational scenario would be ``a woman swimming on a dolphin.``

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