Chocolate Facts

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You can hardly find anyone who dislikes chocolate in the whole world. Chocolate is almost everyone`s favorite sweet and we all love chocolate. When it was first discovered, chocolate was just a mixture of grinded cacao beans and some other ingedients like milk however today it is possible to find many different chocolates with many different flavors. Chocolate with nuts, chocolate with fruits, milk chocolate, bitter chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate with spices, hot chocolate to drink, chocolate with cereal and many more.


You possibly love chocolate as much as we do, do not you? If you love eating chocolate, we suppose you would also enjoy learning some interesting facts about chocolate. Here are a list of some facts about chocolate for you.


Chocolate Facts

1. Very few people are allergic to chocolate in the world

2. In the Hitchcock movie, Psycho, they used chocolate syrup for blood in the shower scene.

3. Chocolate contains caffeine. However it is so little amounts that to take as much caffeine as you would by drinking a mug of coffee, you need to eat a dozen of chocolate bars.


4. The amount of glycemic index in bitter chocolate is low. This means that eating it won`t make a serious increase of glucose (blood sugar) in your body. This is very important for people who has diabetes.

5. Chocolate is a herbal food so it has rich amounts of minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron and copper which are good for your body.

6. The Aztecs used to believe that chocolate gave strenght to their warriors.

7. The scientific latin name for chocolate (the cocoa bean) is Theobroma Cacao which means ``The snack of gods``


8. The third president of the Unites States of America, Thomas Jefferson, believed hot chocolate (hot cocoa) would one day be a more popular drink than tea and coffee.

9. The French leader, Napoleon, used to carry around a bar of chocolate with him and ate a bit of it every time he needed to feel more alert.


The cacao plant and its cocoa beans which are used to make the cocoa powder

These are 9 interesting chocolate facts for you. From these facts we can see that chocolate is actually good for your health. However, too much consumption of anything will harm your body. So you can have your chocolate breaks yet in sufficient amounts.

Are you wondering where the secret 10 is ?.

Yes, it`s secret yet; we are looking to find it ;)

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