Does My Crush Like Someone Else

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You really like someone and find him very attractive however, you are not sure if he liked you too or if he likes someone else. You try to watch him closely to figure out yet you can hardly find any clues on if he is interested or if his heart belongs to someone else. It makes you crazy to ask in your mind over and over "What if he likes someone else?" and not being able to find the answer.

Are you wasting time trying to get his attention? In this article, we are going to help you with this issue. Read the tips carefully and find out if he is interested or not or if his heart belongs to someone else.


* Pay attention to what he is doing while you are walking past him. Is he being busy talking to someone else? If he looks at you as you walk past, that`s a good sign that shows he might be interested yet if he does not look and even not aware that you are passing by, we cannot consider that a good sign.

* Does he look or glance at you while you are in the same place? If he is not talking to you when you sit next to or near him, that is not a good sign.

* If he is talking about a girl to others, not for sure, yet we can say that his heart probably belongs to someone else.


* If the guy you like already knows that you like him yet he is still staying away from you and not talking to you, we are sorry, but that means he is not interested at all.

* You collected all your courage and asked the guy you like to have something to drink or to have a meal together yet he says either no or tells you he has other things to do? Then we suggest you do not waste much time for him.

* When you, your friends and the guy you like go somewhere all together, does your crush stare at other girls? If yes, that is not good sign either.


* You call him and/or message him yet he does not answer your calls and even do not give you a returning call or does not reply to your messages. Then it is the best if you can forget him.

* Do you have the feeling that he likes someone else? We say you can trust your insticts however do not decide that for sure without seeing the signs we mentioned above.


If it ever turns out that the guy you like is not interested and/or likes someone else, it is not the end of the world and he is not the only attractive guy you are ever going to meet in your life. Perhaps somewhere out there, someone else likes you too yet you are not aware of it yet. You would never know where and how you are going to meet the love of your life, so do never give up and think that you won`t ever be happy.

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