Hot Kissing Types

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You have been in a relationship with your partner (girlfriend or boyfriend) and you love each other as well as finding each other very attractive. You love kissing your partner and share the intense emotions you feel for her/him this way. However, you also wonder if you can excite your partner even more and surprise him/her with other different ways of kissing. That would no doubt add some color into your relationship and everything would be much more exciting again. Exciting and sweet like a first kiss. In this article, we are going to list you some new and different kissing types that will add more romance and excitement in your relationship.

1. Butterfly Kiss

This kiss, the butterfly kiss, is a very sweet and romantic one. We suggest this type of kiss to ladies if they want to excite their boyfriends sweetly. First, you place a quick and soft kiss on your partner`s lips and while keeping yourself very close to your partner`s face, you flutter your lashes against your partner`s face. He will love the feeling.

2. Earlobe Kiss

This one is a very sexy kind of love and surely men love it. Get close and closer to your partner and slowly kiss his/her earlobe. It will no doubt please your partner. If you also can whisper sweet words full of love in your partner`s ear. It will surely be a romantic and sexy moment worth experiencing.

3. Finger Kiss

This will boost the romance and attraction between you and your partner and ladies do surely love it. Very gently, hold your partner`s hand and start to place gentle kisses on her fingers. You will see her relax and be pretty much pleased with what you are doing.

4. Forehead Kiss

Though it might look and sound to be simple, among all the kisses, perhaps the forehead kiss is the one that keeps and symbolyses many feelings and thoughts. When girls give a forehead kiss to their boyfriends; it also represents pure love like motherly feelings. This, of course, does not mean that the girl consider her boyfriend to be like her son. It means that she has pure love for him. And if a guy kissed his girlfriend on her forehead, it also means pure and intense love however it also means that the guy is ready to protect and support her against anything.

5. Icy Kiss

This kiss is surely a very intimate one so if your relationship is new, we suggest you wait a bit more to get more intense with your partner before you try this one. An icy kiss will make you and your partner a new dimension of intimacy. Get some ice in your mouth and while kissing him/her move the ice in your mouth and rub the ice against your partner`s lip then share the ice with him/her using your tongue.

6. Hot Kiss

This kiss is also another very intimate one, so try it if you think you really have a very close relationship with your partner and after making sure she/he would enjoy being much more intimate with you and is ready to try out something hot. Get really close to your partner and place fast and intense kisses on his/her lips repeatedly. Make sure that they are quick and repeat it a few times before pulling off and then it is time to be playful. Gently push your partner away and give him/her a playful look and smile. This will make your partner want even more.

7. Lowerlip Kiss

Ver intimate and romantic. During a lowerlip kiss, you kiss your partner like you always kiss him/her however, during your kiss, gently catch his/her lower lips with your teeth and bite slightly. This is supposed to be a hot and romantic attempt so make sure to be really gentle and do not hurt your partner.

8. Cheek To Lips Kiss

Cheek to lips kiss is very romantic and sweet as much as it is hot. If you want to feel more intense emotions between you and your partner, this one perhaps the most ideal one for you. With this kiss you will present him/her romance and desire at the same time. First, place a small kiss on your partner`s cheek. Then trail the way from his/her cheek to his/her lips with small kisses. And once you reach your partner`s lips, kiss them gently. 

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