How can I know My Boyfriend Loves Me Really


Did you ever happen to think that guys lack emotions? It may seem like that to you yet that is not true. Of course guys have emotions they just have different means to express them. Guys do not think like girls do, so it is pretty natural that their behavior and the way they express their emotions and the way they react to emotions can be different. If you find it annoying that guys do not reveal their emotions, is you think they are mysterious and if you are not sure if your guy loves you; keep reading. Here we will list you some tips to help you figure out your guy`s emotions for you.

Boyfriends do have emotions and they actually do express them. Just the way they do it is different they way girls do it. Keep these tips in mind and figure out your guy`s emotions which you think do not exist.


1. Devotion

Of course if you believe someone is devoted to you, you would see that it is so obvious that they love him. But we are not talking about that. Guys mostly do not show their devotion like the way girls do with them. But there`s a way to tell if they do. If a guy is in a serious relationship with you, then it really means he loves you. Since guys mostly try to avoid serious relationships (as they are afraid of taking responsibilities), if your guy has been in a serious relationship with you, you can be sure that he loves you.

2. Sharing Secrets

If your guy is sharing his secrets with you, it means he really loves you and trusts you. Quite unlike girls who usually feel urged to tell their secrets to someone else, guys hardly trust anyone with their secrets. They do not even trust each other and mostly do not tell their secrets to their guy friends. So, if he tells you his secrets, it means he loves you and trusts you.


3. Still Being Sweet Near His Friends And Family

Guys mostly tend to think that showing and expressing romantic feelings around other guy make them look less manly and weak since emotions are mostly associated with women within most cultures. If he hugs you and gives you a nice kiss when he is near his friends and family, it means he really loves you and he has welcomed you into his life.

4. Expressing Love With What He Do Instead of Words

Yes, sometimes guys actually say ``I love you``. However, they mostly prefer expressing it with what they do instead of using words. In order to show his emotions; he can fix something broken for you, he can make you surprises with a gift or something else, he can your trash out for you. These all mean that he loves you. Do focus on what he do, not his words.

5. Keeping You Happy

If your cares that you are happy out of the bed as well, it surely means he loves you. If he is interested in your everyday problems or your problems at work and does his best to keep you happy and relaxed, it means he loves you.


6. Listening To You Carefully And Answering You Honestly

If he is listening to you carefully whenever you are telling something to him and answers your questions honestly and/or comments on the things you are telling him giving his own ideas, be sure that he loves you. Because only a guy who loves will listen to a girl that carefully. They mostly tend to lose interest after a point whenever the girls who they do not feel the same way about tells them something.


So, as you can figure out with these tips, guys are not emotionless and the way they express it is very different than girls would expect them to do. But that does not mean they love you any less. If you want to understand a guy`s emotions, focus on what he do instead of what he say.

How To Know If A Guy Loves You

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