How To Be Perfect Couples

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You have a girlfriend and a boyfriend whom you love with all your heart and you don`t want it to be over ever. You believe that your love for him / her is endless however no one knows what would happen in the future and the idea of losing him / her scares you even though it seems like it would not happen. Here in this article, we will list you the tips to be a perfect couple forever and keep your happy love life safe.


1. Show That You Care

The best way to keep a romantic relationship intimate and safe from the big threat that is called ``not interested anymore``, always show your girlfriend / boyfriend that you care about her / him. You don`t have to use words for that. Just make him / her feel that she / he is special for you with small surprises and romance no matter how long it has been that you two in a relationsip. Always spare some time for your lover everyday and ask him / her how his / her day has been. Tell him / her how much you love him / her and that you are happy to see him / her again. Do never forget to express your love.

2. Spend Time Together

What we mean by that is not being in the same room with your lover and doing nothing or being busy with yourself in the same room with him / her. Do activities that you can both enjoy and have fun. Share happy and funny moments and doing so will always keep you two intimate.

3. Do Not Argue About Housework

If you are living together, you surely have a home to keep in order. If just one of you two always try to deal with the domestic work, this will make him / her or you slowly get tired about the relationship and be unhappy. Talk to your lover and make sure to share the house work fairly.


4. Keep Your Limits

Every single person is different and everyone has their own life no matter how they share a life with another with an intimate relationship. Everyone has their own privacy and make sure to respect your lover`s privacy. Of course, being a couple means you will be honest to each other and keep no secrets from each other, however sticking your nose into everything about your partner will tire him / her after some time. In a good relationship, every lover need to have their own small privacy.

5. Do Not Forget To Make Love

Of course, you do not have to make love all the time and everyday. Doing it too much will not do any good either but just do not use daily and regular excuses to avoid making love with your lover. Making love will help to keep your relationship satisfied, exciting and hot. And having this excitement will make your relationship a really strong one. Do never make your lover feel that you are too tired or too anything else to spend some time with him / her. Never forget ; sometimes a little kiss is better than long kiss.


6. Explain The Reason When You Apologize

It is not enough to just say ``Sorry`` after you have made your lover sad in a way or after you made a mistake. It is very important to express and explain why it has been a mistake and why you are sorry about it. All happy and perfect couple explains each other the reason why when they are sorry.

7. Do Not Use Sex As A Means Of Punishment

It is natural and expected to have problems in your relationship with your lover like arguments and strong disagreements. But no matter how serious and how bad the matter is you should never use sex as a means of punishment for your lover. Doing so will never do you and your relationship any good and it will affect the intimacy between you in a very negative way.

8. Save Some Money

It might not be easy to save money for some people, however how matter how challenging it looks try to save al least a bit of money, slowly, for you and your lover. After you can save enough, you can use that money to do something special with your lover. A fine dinner in a fine restaurant or something you both have not done before.

9. Be Thankful

Happy and perfect couples are always thankful to have each other. They are able to see the fact that they are very lucky to have each other while many people in the world cannot find the love they are looking for like you and your lover managed to do so. Perfect couple are happy to have each other and they do not wish to have more. This is an essential thing to be a happy couple. Tell your lover how special she / he is and how much you feel lucky to have him / her.


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