How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend Nicely

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Your relationship is not how it once has been and you believe there`s no point in insisting on keeping it. Maybe, you do not feel like you love each other like you used to do anymore. Maybe, your boyfriend does not seem to be the person he was when you used to have a nice relationship. Maybe, it just started to feel like you are the ones for each other or maybe, he did something that make you feel you cannot keep on with this relationship anymore.

There can be many reasons to want to break up with your boyfriend and if you ever thought of doing so, even if once the idea crossed your mind, it means that the relationship is over at your side and there`s really no point in keeping it going as it will only make you unhappy and unsatisfied. So, you have decided to end your relationship as it would be the best for both of you yet, you don`t know how to break up with your boyfriend due to reasons.


At this case, you need to break up with your boyfriend with the way he deserves. What we mean by deserving that if your boyfriend was a nice person, for example, yet you do not feel like you find him attractive anymore; there`s a proper way to break up with him and if your boyfriend has cheated on you and you do not want to see him again, there`s a proper way to break up with him too.

Some say the best way to break up is always being honest. Yet because of the reasons we mentioned above, we things that depends on the case. Of course, being honest is a good thing and mostly it is the best way to deal with things in life. However, sometimes using different tactic could be much better for both sides.



Breaking Up Level: Very Kindly

Suitable For...

...the boyfriends who actually are nice people in person and have been nice to you. Yet you do not feel anything for him anymore and realized some characteristics of him are not the kind you like or look for in the one you would love.

What You Can Do

The best thing to do at this case is to tell him and small lie. We know it sounds bad as you might think no lie is small and no lie is innocent and we cannot say you are wrong however do you think it is a better move to tell him why you do not love him anymore and hurt his self esteem by making him think he lacks the characteristics that can make a girl love him? If your reason to break up with him is a really simple one and he would be hurt upon hearing it, it is always better to talk to him say something like you have realized that he really is a good person (which is not a lie) yet also you have realized that you do not feel like you are ready to devote yourself to a relationship and keeping this relationship going under these circumstances would be unfair to him. It might sound a bit cliche yet this is the best you can do without hurting his feelings.



Breaking Up Level: Kindly

Suitable For...

...the boyfriends who are nice people in general yet as time passes you realize that you have started to dislike some things he does or his behavior yet you cannot find a specific reason to break up with him.

What You Can Do

Why kindly if he does things that you do not like or has behavior that you do not like? Because, if you do not have a specific reason to break up with him, it is likely that he would insist on discussing it and you do not want that. At this case, you can tell him that you do like him however you are not feeling like it is the right period of time for you to be in relationship right now. He might be hurt but it won`t be a big deal and he can move on in a short time.


Breaking Up Level: Neutral

Suitable For...

...this boyfriend you have been in a relationship with yet you know neither sides feel anything emotional for each other.

What You Can Do

With this case, you can use the modern technology instead of talking to him face to face. If you have not been going out for dates for a while and it is obvious that neither of the sides do feel anything for each other (which also makes it obvious that you are not in love), you can send him a simple message via your phone or the internet. It is your preference to make it a message of a long explanation or just something short and simple. That does not matter much as neither of you are devoted to the relationship. Moreover; there`s a possibility you might be friends in the future.


Breaking Up Level: Indifferently

Suitable For...

...the boyfriend who keeps on ignoring you, trying to avoid you and has other behaviors that really annoys you.

What You Can Do

If you have a boyfriend like that, it is obvious that he does not deserve your time and you probably know that. Moreover, this behavior of him also calls for a lesson. He needs to know how annoying he is so go to him and simply tell him everything you think of him and things he do honestly and how you find his behavior very annoying plus the fact that you do not want to waste any of your time with this relationship anymore.


Breaking Up Level: Very Indifferently

Suitable For...

...the boyfriend who has been the worst boyfriend you have ever seen and who has done things that make you wish he would suffer the worse than your heart has. And you do not want to see him ever again.

What You Can Do

If your boyfriend is someone like this and you do not want to see him ever again, you can send him a simple message via phone or internet as he does not deserve the effort it would take for you to see him to talk to him face to face. In the message, mention your thoughts about him in a plain and simple way and tell him that you do not want to talk about the matter anymore. You can also add that you pity him and already feeling sorry for the girls he would try to flirt and start a relationship with. If he would reply to your message, we suggest you do not bother to read that message.



Decide which one of these breaking up methods is suitable for your boyfriend and go with it. Do not forget the fact that you don`t have to keep a relationship that you don`t want going. If it makes you feel unhappy, it is high time that you got rid of it.


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