How To Kiss

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The matter of a perfect kiss is very essential for a good romantic relationship. In the video below, you can see some of the mistakes that are frequently done while trying to kiss your boyfriend / girlfriend. Close your eyes and be gentle to your lover. Do not try to think of where to lean (left or right), it will happen itself once your faces are close to each other and you start to kiss.


During the kiss, it is pretty hot if you keep your lips locked with your partner`s. However, by being locked, we do not mean that you should force him or her into a long kiss. Just gently keep your lips in kissing position with your lover`s and break the kiss if your partner seems to want to end it. A long kiss is always the best one for all romantic relationships. Kissing is nothing to be scared of or worried about. Kissing is a nice and pure way to express love. There is no harm you can do to anyone by kissing.

While kissing, you can also place small kisses anywhere on your lover`s face. The cheeks, nose and forehead would be good choices for that. Yet, do never overdo it. Especially you guys, do not try to eat your girlfriend`s make up.



How to Give Your Lover A Perfect Kiss

A lovers` kiss is the kiss that happens between a girl and boy who love each other in a romantic way. Since your lips are a very sensitive area on your face (and actually lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your whole body), the effect a kiss will make you and your lover feel is pretty strong. Kissing is the best and most romantic way to express your love and it is surely better than words.


If you want to have a perfect kiss with your girlfriend or boyfriend, the first thing you should be careful about is that you need to be in a proper place for that. Kissing in crowded public areas are considered to be inappropriate by some cultures. Yet what`s more important is that if it is going to be your first kiss, you had better find a proper place for it that no distractions would ruin it. Places that are full of people can cause lots of distractions.


To Give Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend A Romantic Kiss

  • First of all, of course, you need a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If you do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend and need to know why you can check the topic why i don`t have a boyfriend
  • If you are going to kiss, make sure you have romantic feeling for that person and she or he has for you. Kissing someone who you do not find attractive is not fun.
  • Try to give your kiss in a proper place that would cause no distractions. He or she should only focus on you.
  • Before the kiss, you should be as close as possible to your lover. Moving closer to him or her while uttering romantic and sweet words is the best and most romantic way to do so. Be loving and gentle.4
  • It always the best if your first kiss is a brief contact of your and your lover`s lips. If there`s an intense romantic attraction between the girl and the boy, you will find yourself in a hot kiss in no time after the brief one.
  • Closing your eyes while kissing your boyfriend / girlfriend makes the emotion intense and intimate. Yet before you kiss, make sure you look into your lover`s eyes romantically.

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