How To Prevent ACNE

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Source of Acne and pimple is unbalanced oil on your skin. You need to beware your meals and other fast-food feeds. Nourishment must be vegetable oriented.

How to prevent acne :

1. Soap: Keep your face always clean,buy a skin friendly good soap then wash your face mornig and before sleep.

2. Cream: Moisturize your face: Buy a gel based moisturizer cream, And use it daily when needed.

3. Touch: Don touch your face too much. You can`t see burt your hands skin contains oil. You make your face oiled when you touch your face.

4. Sun: Dont stay on the sunlight too much, especially at summer days.

5-Stress: Some acne and pimple depends on your stress. Don`t worry too much when life goes bad stuations. If you can`t change it dont worry it. If you can change it work hard and do best you can.

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