How To Tell If Egg Gone Bad

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Eggs are no doubt among the most popular food throughout the world that people consume frequently. While you can consume and enjoy the egg itself by cooking it, also egg is an ingredient in many other food like bakery products and much more. Moreover, for most people in the world, eggs are an essential part of their breakfast tables.


Maybe you really do enjoy consuming eggs, however how would you figure out if the eggs you keep in your fridge are still fresh and okay to eat? An egg that has gone bad is no good for your health and apetite, moreover it spreads an awful smell that is hard to eliminate if broken. So how can you know if your eggs has gone bad or still fresh? The way to do so is actually pretty simple.


Simple Egg In Water Test

Get a bowl and fill it with water. Then get the egg which you want to check if it has gone bad or not and very slowly drop it in the water. If the egg quickly sinks to the bottom of the bowl, that means your egg is still fresh and okay to consume. That is because while your egg is still fresh, the yolk and egg white in it covers almost everwhere inside the shell leaving little room for air to fill so the egg is heavier and sinks under water.

If your egg floats on the water in the bowl, that means it has gone bad. The more an egg is kept without being consumed for too long, the egg white inside it starts to get thicker and to go off. The more thicker it becomes, it covers less space in the shell so there will be more space for air to fill. Even though the egg while gets thicker, it does not get heavier as the amount of the egg white in the eggs never changes. Only more air is added to that making the egg lighter and so making it float on water.

So, don`t even try to boil egg that has bad content. Now it`s easy for you to recognize bad eggs.


Sinking Good Egg (left) and floating Bad Egg (right)

So; if your egg sinks, it is safe to cook and enjoy it. And if your egg floats, we suggest you drop it into a rubbish bin.

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