How to Use Smarty PHP

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Smarty is template system especially created for PHP. It makes php and html separate. This is important for companies and personal use.

You can tell this, I can control HTML easily when inside PHP. But you will love smarty after first use.

Advanced PHp editors supports Smarty tags :  for example: PhpED and Eclipse

I put a simple example for your needs. This archive solves your starting problems.

Download this example file:  Simple Smarty Example


Archive contains two php file and three directory.

smarty-example.pngSmarty Example class


Where to Download newest smarty:

This page has lots of examples about smarty and OOP system. Smarty practices:


This template.php class created with php 5.4 version. You can use it with higher versions too.

If you have any questions ask from Comments section below. I am advanced php programmer and teacher. Love to aswer your questions.

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