Kissing Benefit Facts

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No doubt kissing is one of everyone`s favorite ways to express their love to their partners. However, did you also know that kissing is good for health as much as it benefits the relationship between you and your partner? Kissing also has a healthy side and it physiologically benefits your health. If you find it hard to believe, then we suggest you read these 5 surprising facts and proof about how kissing benefits your health physiologically.

1. According to researches, lovers who kiss their partners to see them off to their work or elsewhere every morning tend to live 5 years more than those who do not.

2. Kissing and being kisses directly affects your self esteem and confidence. After a kiss, knowing you are attractive enough to be kissed boost your self esteem and confidence. And people with high self esteem and confidence tend to be happier and suffer less stress. And suffering less stress means less harm to your body.

3. Kissing helps you burn calories. While you are kissing, you burn 2-3 calories every minute and your metabolism work twice times faster than usual. According to researches, if you kiss your partner (and get kisses by him/her) three times in a day, yet these kisses should last at least 20 seconds, you can burn 200-300 calories in a day. So, why not trying a kissing diet?

4. Kissing relieves your body and mind from stress, tension and makes you feel much better. According to medical researches kissing causes the hormone cortisol to be produced in much less emounts in your body and the hormone cortisol is the one your body produce when you are stressed.

5. While kissing, 30 different groups of muscles start to work on your face. This helps you exercising your facial muscles and the more flexible and exercised your facial muscles are the younger you will look. Kissing also make the blood running increase which automatically boosts new cell producing so the signs of getting old will not come upon you in an early age.

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