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Online Free RPG Games of year 2013

Here is a long list for newest online rpg games. I will update this list when new game is created.


Maestia is mystical and magical world role playing game. You are looking for  Maestones which will gives super abilities to you.There is also evil creatures around maestia. This legandary rpg game will bring you new worlds.Maestia is free to start, but premium membership gives unlimited access to servers and special items.


If you are playing as a free-play user.You are starting with creating your own creature. Choose your skills and be a part of a team. Survive this never world of maestria Rpg game. You can find more previews of mmorpg games on our new page. All games detailed and rich content with videos and lots of images.

Age of Conan

Everybody knows the conan, he is free warrior of kimmeria. Everywhere is dangerous in this old aged world. Life is free but death is sudden.
You choose one of three race. and make your skills. just like all other rpg games. This role playing game will take your hours to go higher level, warrior or wizard you must fight for keep alive.

Marvel: Avenger`s Alliance

Would you like to be one of avengers of marvel. Now its your turn to fast punches and high kicks.Choose one of super heroes of marvel and fight for your life. Your waiting is ended this new rpg(role playing game) is free at your feets.



Perfect World International

Perfect world for perfect RGP game.YOu can play this role playing game without any payment, its all free. Make your harmonous race and give new skills. Then fight for to greatest worrior of all perfect world.

There is also PVP games in this perfect world rpg game. There is three race in perfect rpg game. Also there is six race. Archer ,Cleric, Elves, Barbarians, Venomancers, Blademaster , Wizard. Choose your character and make them cry.Almost best mmorpg I ever see.



Odin Quest

Odin Quest id online Action RPG based on mythologies. Begin your quest after selecting your character?s class from the five options.Be a warrior or wizard, archer or cleric. There are many paths to give you victory. Odin Quest wil lbe your next journey. This rpg game is alos free and very good.


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