Things You Should Not Do During A Job Interview

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Just graduated from high school and/or college and looking for a new job? The first step to start with when you are looking for a job is preparing your CV and sending it in. However; the next step is the one most people find it stressful and most do not know what they should do and should not do during it; it is the job interview. If you want to make your changes of being hired higher and make a good impression during your job interview, here are the do`s and don`ts during a job interview;

1. Do Not Say  "I do not know anything about your company."

Do always make your research about the company that you have applied to for a job. Research about the mission and vision of the company and what they do. Even if you did not have any time to do a researh, do never mention that you know nothing about the company. The best you can do is to avoid that topic then. Otherwise that will make you looks distrustful and unprofessional.

2. Do Not Criticize Your Ex-Boss

This is for those who worked before with another company/working place. No matter what the reason is, do never criticize your ex-boss during your job interview. If you had a bad experience with your ex-boss at your old work place, keep it to yourself. Otherwise it will leave a negative impression. Do always avoid talking about your ex-boss.

3. Give Creative Answers to Questions

Even though the person whom you are having the job interview with asks you the most cliche questions ever. Try not to give back cliche answers and try to be creative and provide a different answer. This will show the interviewever that you would make a productive worker.

4. Do Not Say  "I hated my job at the previous work place"

You might think that uttering something like this might make you seem that you have sympathy for the company you are having a job interview at. However, even though it is true, you should never say such a thing or anything like that. This would make you look inadaptable and unfavorable.


5. Do Not Lie If You Do Not Know How To Do Something

Lying about anything, any kind of faking for that matter, will not make getting a job easier for you. Lying about your knowledge on your CV and/or lying during a job interview will most likely get you caught doing it then you would completely lose any chances for a job. No one would hire a lier and faker. If you do not know anything about something that is asked, just honestly say that you know nothing about the topic yet you are willing to learn it as soon as possible.

6. Do Not Talk About Religion and/or Politics

We all know that religion and politics are pretty sensitive matter for most people and actually discussing them is pretty risky at a public place in general. You cannot talk about these topic with everyone as the person you are discussing it with might be too passionate about a means of politics or religion. Everyone has their own religious beliefs and political views and you would never know about them. So just do not mention them.

7. Do Not Answers The Questions With Just Yes or No

This is pretty much like the third tip. During a job interview, generally question that you can simply answer with a yes or no are asked yet you should not just say yes or no and keep during it all the time. Be careative and find other ways to answer the question. For example; if your answer is yes, you can explain why you think so. This will make you look creative.


And first of all; be confident and do trust in yourself....


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