Top 10 Weirdest Phobias In The World

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Phobia is an anxiety disorder which results in the fear of a specific thing. The word phobia derives from the ancient Greek word phobos which means fear. While having a phobia means being scared of a specific thing, object or situation, it does not always means that the fear is severe. Some people just have mild anxiety upon facing the object of the phobia, some people react to it by hating the object of phobia while some others have really big panic attacks upon facing the object of the fear. Phobias are a quite interesting subject of Psychology and here we will list 10 weirdest phobias that are known and really diagnosed before.


1. Anatidaephobia; the fear that somewhere in the world a duck is watching you.


Yes, this sounds really weird and irrational yet it is real. Psychologists think this phobia is mostly caused by a childhood trauma which includes ducks or the birds in the same class like geese. The child might have been attacked by a duck or a similar bird so the person is scared of even the idea of a duck looking at them.


2. Iachanophobia; the fear of vegetables


People who suffer from iachanophobia are afraid of either seeing or eating vegetables. It can be also the fear of eating anything grows in the ground. The reason for this phobia is still being questioned yet it is most likely to be related to traumas like most phobias are. It can also show itself with the fear of some certain plants.


3. Koumpounophobia; the fear of buttons


Many people might wonder what there is to make you scared of little buttons and it might look very irrational. However, for the sufferers of this phobia, seeing or having to touch buttons is a really traumatic and fearful thing to do. It mostly appear as a fear and hate of buttons like most people have for cockroaches.

4. Agoraphobia; the fear of public places


Agoraphobia, which mostly comes with social phobia, is one of the most common phobias in the world. The sufferers of this phobia are afraid of public places and stuck in their home, room or any other place they own where they feel themselves safe. This phobia can result from many reasons and can be a mix of other fears involving getting socialized or being seen by other individuals.


5. Nomophobia; the fear losing mobile phone connectivity


This is no doubt a disorder of the modern era. With the mobile phones and computers entering our life so fast, today people rely on them to help things easier for themselves. With mobile phones and computers life became much easier, however some people tend to be dependant to those devices too much and these are the individuals who suffer from nomophobia. These people might even get panic attacks if they are forced to turn their mobile phones off and definitely cannot stand it.


6. Lepidopterophobia; the fear of butterflies


While most people find butterflies beautiful and elegant, the sufferers of this phobia strongly disagree. Just like the fear of spiders, these people are afraid of butterflies and they strongly hate them. There is even a society formed by butterfly haters. The Hollywood star Nicole Kidman admitted that she also is scared of butterflies while she is not scared of snakes or spiders.


7. Coulrophobia; the fear of clowns


This phobia might look very irrational to most people as clows are supposed to make people laugh and make them have enjoyable moments. Yet the people who suffer from this phobia are either very scared of clows and/or hates them with all their hearts. It is most likely that this phobia is caused from childhood traumas involving a clown somehow or some simply hate it because of the image of a clown looks simply repulsive to them.


8. Vestiphobia; the fear of tight clothes


Yes, you read it right. It is the fear of tight clothes. People who suffer from this phobia often have the irrational fear that the clothes they wear might strangle them if they are tight. It is rumored that the German leader Adolf Hitler used to have this phobia and he ordered his tailor to prepare clothes for him which are larger than his actual size.


9. Aulophobia; the fear of flutes


The suffers of aulophobia are scared of flutes and other similar instruments. While this is very interesting, the trauma which could cause that can vary as well. It is mostly because of the sound and the sound terrifies the person when especially they are alone and at night. However, when there are people around, these individuals who suffer from this phobia seem to have less anxiety upon hearing flutes.


10. Phobophobia; the fear of having a fear


Among all the weird phobias we have listed so far this is probably one of the most interesting and most complicated ones. Phobophobia is the fear of the fear itself. The people who suffer this phobia are scared that they might build a phobia for something or they simply are afraid of being afraid. This might sound like a paradox however it is a real phobia that has been diagnosed. This phobia is mostly caused by emotional traumas.

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