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AdSense is a advertising program that run by Google.

Adsense allows publishers to serve automatic advertising on their web page. Ads created from text, image, video, and adobe flash.

Adsense automated system makes ads related with web page content, this make adsense more attractive. If you writing a blog about "woman dresses" the nadsense fetches your web page then shows ads related with dress keywords.

Adsense is primary ad provider on Internet, because It`s futuristic system and world wide user over every country of world. You can show ads from another country if you joined adwords. Adwords and adsense is two couple created for internet ads.

Google earns billions from this system. And gives a part of money to ad publishers.

How to Start Adsense

1- First of all you need to build a web page. every adsense user has main web page for start, Then you can place your ads over another web page like your parent`s or your friends web page.

Adsense web page:https://www.google.com/adsense/

2- Then you should go this link and create membership with your email adress (this adress must be google email account: Gmail)

3- Then you need to provide open home adress and your phone to google. This shows that you are real human. Then google sends you a cartpostal which contains PIN adress. That letter approves that your address is true.

4- You need to write your bank account on your adsense login page. Google will send money to your bank address every 15th of month. This varies (15 to 30)

If your money goes higher than $100 , you can take it via EFT system to your bank address.


What is The adsense Rules

Adsense gives people clear and best advertising option, so your web page may not contain adult material or crack and warez. This kind of content also opposite of laws.

you can look adsense rules from this page:


This is true, people earns money from adsense, here is example image shows daily earned money (it`s not mine smiley)


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