What`s ovarian cancer symptoms

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Ovarian cancer has a more special importance as it is so difficult to diagnose and therefore it causes more death. Ovarian cancer takes part of the 4% of female cancers whereas it brings about the 23% of genital cancers. Ovarian cancer is more likely to see inn developed countries. Therefore the effect of environmental factors must be considered..

Although it may occur at any age, women with ovarian cancer are found after more than 45 years of age, in particular peaks between the ages of 75-79. While only 7% of ovarian tumors are cancer  in premenopausal, in post-menopausal this rate is 30%. Ovarian tissue contains many different cells. According to the cell type of origin of cancer seen in ages, the rates vary naturally. Epithelial cells of the ovary, and other tissues that make up the main structure of the ovarian are the most common tumors.  While the 80% of patients diagnosed with cancer in post-menopausal  are epithelial tumors, the 60% of the cases are diagnosed under the age of 20.


It is thought that the formation of ovarian cancer is effected by hormonal , familial and environmental factors. It is known that cancer is more likely seen in women who spawns more frequently and in a continuous manner. Accordingly, the risk for nulliparous women is higher than the risk for women who gave birth in 1/2 to 1/4 percent decrease. Acting in terms of the mechanism of inhibition by suppressing ovulation to get pregnant birth control pills also significantly reduces the incidence of cancer. So in contrast to what is known in general, birth control pills protect against cancer. However, if during hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women is given estrogen alone, progesterone added in an increased risk of ovarian cancer is claimed. The fact that ovarian cancer is more frequently seen in women whose first-degree relatives also has had the disease  suggests that the genetic factor is effective. As a result of some studies some genes have been found to be caused by breast and ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer symptoms may not have specific features and therefore early diagnosis is extremely difficult. Because the complaints are not usually clear. Some early symptoms of ovarian cancer are often vague. It should be noted that the symptoms are usually due to cancer, a very non-cancer causes.

The symptoms might be swelling of the abdomen, unexpected vaginal bleeding, abdominal pressure feeling, back or leg pain, gas, bloating, indigestion problems. When the symptoms can be thought to be associated with the ovarian cancer, cancer may have spread beyond the ovaries. Most of the organs in the abdominal surface of ovarian cancers are easily effected. To know the symptoms and watch for signs of cancercan help the early detection of the cancer and it can be treated successfully.


Abdominal pain, bloating, indigestion are early symptoms in the circuit. In the late stage there may be symptoms such as signs of compression of the adjacent organs, abdominal pain, pelvic mass, and a feeling of downward pressure, non-specific complaints such as vaginal bleeding. The most common complaint is that the doctor takes the patient to excessive abdominal swelling. This accumulation of fluid in the abdomen that often cause swelling acid.

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