Where Babies come from

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This is perhaps one of the questions you ask frequently and get puzzled about many of the different answers coming from different people. No matter how confusing and puzzling it sounds with all the differents answers you get here and there, the fact about having a baby is that it is very simple. In this page, you can read the simples explanation of having a baby.


First of all; to make a baby a lot of, rather lots of, love is required. Because the baby who is to be born should have a family with whom she or he is going to be raised with sweet love. Once the mother-to-be and father-to-be make sure they have enough love to give for a baby, they usually see a professional in a clinic. After seeing the professional, the mother-to-be and the father-to-be follow the advices of the professional. After those advices are followed and with their love the small baby will start to grow up in the mother-to-be`s tummy. Then it means the mother-to-be woman is pregnant.



During the pregnancy, the baby grows up in the mother`s tummy for 9 months but the exact time for the baby to be ready to leave the mother`s body changes from woman to woman as not everyone`s body is the same. Once the baby grows up enough, the father and mother visit the clinic again to have the baby. In the clinic, the mother gives birth to her baby and once she gives birth to the baby, the mother rests in the clinic a bit with the baby in her loving arms. After the mother is rested well enough. The father and mother can come back home with their new baby.



The man and woman who want to have a baby should both be adults which means the age of 18 and older for the most countries in the world. The man and woman should also be aware of the responsibilities a little baby will bring to their lives. If it ever turns out that the man and woman are having difficulty with having a baby, they can do more consulting to professionals and doctors to have a operation which is called ``In-Vitro Fertilization``.



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