Where is the heart located

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In every creature the tissues, cells and organs need  to be feeded by  some sustenance such as oxygen, carbondioxide, aminoacid, vitamins, minerals and fat. Removal of the waste product which is a resullt of this feeding and metabolism, the edition of the heat of the body, protection of the balance of acid and alcali, carriage of hormon and enzyme to the parts of the body is accomplished by heart and circulatory system. Heart Works like an engine in this system beating 60 or 80 times in a minute.


Heart is an empty organ which takes a big place in chest between two lungs. Made of muscle, heart is coverd by a integument. Between two lungs, its shape looks like a cone which is upside-down.  Actually it doesn?t take part in the middle of the chest, but more in the left part in a leaned way.

Heart pumps 8 tones of blood to the body beating non-stop  around about 100.000 times in a day,  40 million  times in a year and 2,5 billion times throughout a person?s life. It is estimated that the size of the heart is equal to the size of the fist of its owner.


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