Where justin bieber lives

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Teenage singer Justin Bieber, whose fans all over the world (who call themselves Beliebers) are dying to meet, has been known to be wanderin the streets of Canada like he was an ordinary citizen. However, now it is also known that he bought himself a really arty mansion which is full of luxury.


Sealing A Deal of  $6,5m

Most rich and famous teenagers are known to be saving for their very first car however, Justin Bieber surprised everyone by making a smarter move and buying his first home instead of a super lux car as soon as he became 18 years old. The multimillionaire singer, sealed a deal of $6,5m for a mansion which is located in an upscale neighborhood in Canabas, a Californian suburb.

The Californian suburb, Canabas, is also where the Kardashian family lives and the super lux mansion Justin Bieber bought previously belonged to Eddie Murphy`s ex-wife; Nicole.This mansion is also located on an area of 1,3 acres and 10,000 square feet.


A Life of Full Luxury

The mansion which Justin Bieber bought in Canabas has everything one might think of for a living place with a high amount of luxury. The mansion features a movie theater room with large seating, a wet bar, a wine bar, a library and pools and fountains on the grounds.

Moreover, it is known that Justin wanted to desing some of the rooms for his own liking, like the games room he was known to be planning to install. This games room would feature everything anyone would think of to have fun with games like the latest consoles, arcade games and a pool.


Below we have some pictures of Justin Bieber`s fancy mansion.





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