Which is the LONGEST RIVER in the world

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There are many rivers in the world springing and flowing giving the area around them life. Since the early times, rivers has been the source of life for all the living being in the world. Yet, which is the longest and greatest river in the world? We researched it for you.

The Nile River


With the lenght of 6,864 kilometers, the river that has been claimed to be the longer one in the worl is the Nile which is located in the north-east side of the Africa continent. The Nile springs from the river that is called the Kagera River which flows into the Victoria Lake at the west. It flows from the Victoria Lake to north and different parts of the Nile do have different names like its springing point being called the Kagera River. Going to the north from the Kagera River, people living around the large and enormous river named the parts of it with different names like Bahr-ül-gazar. Asthe Nile flows to the north, it is divided into two more parts that are called the Blue Nile and the White Nile. As it reaches to Alexandria, the Nile flows into the Mediterranean sea and forms the Nile Delta.


The Nile River on map; springing from the Victoria Lake flowing to the Mediterranean Sea


The Amazon River


The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world with the lenght of 6,452 kilometers. It springs on the Andes Mountain Range near the Pacific Ocean and flows to the east ending its flowing travel at the point where it reaches to the Atlantic Ocean. While the Amazon River has been claimed to be the second longest river, it comes at the first place when it comes to comparing all the rivers in the world with the amount of water they carry and flow. The amount of water the Amazon River carries and flows is 120,000 m3 in a second and that is more than the Nile River, the Mississipi River and the Yangtze River carry and flow all together.



The Amazon River on map springing from the Andes Mountain Range and flowing to the Atlantic Ocean.

As a result, while the Nile is the longest river in the world considering its lenght, the Amazon river is the one which carries and flows the highest amount of water. However; the answer to this question could be answered as the Nile River if the questioner asks about the length.

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