Which religion is right

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Religion is a collection of beliefs, world views and cultural systems and spiritual activities that are also organized. There are more than one religion all over the world and even though the beliefs and the way people practice those beliefs are different, all religions pretty much serve to a similar purpose. Religions satisfy a person`s spiritual side and offer them moral comfort. All the religions that exist claim to the right one. Actually, the right way to ask this question is to ask which religion affects humanity in a negative way? No religion does such a thing as all religions ordain goodness, peacefulness and fairness.


People usually do believe in the religion that is common in the region they are born and follow the religion their family members believe in. The individuals who has different religious beliefs than the common one in a certain region has always been alienated from the society they live in and they sometimes even get a negative reaction from their families. In some communities changing your religious beliefs might result in a death penalty.


While all religions offer and ordain peace, goodness and justice; the way people practice it adding the pure beliefs to their own reinterpretations harm this qualities of religions resulting in a negative relationship between the believers of different religions. People even tend to invent new practicing ways to a religion in order to satisfy their own purposes. Some even use it to manipulate communities and gain wealth. All these activies continually harm the reputation of religious beliefs.


In a general way; all religions are right as they offer peace and justice however it is the factor of humankind that pollutes it.


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