Why Cigarettes are BAD

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Today, the harm of smoking cigarettes is pretty much widely known and according to World Health Organization (WHO) `smoking cigarettes` is a worldwide problem. According to the WHO istatistics, one in three adult people smokes cigarettes in the whole world and considering these istatistics, more than 1,2 billion people smoke worldwide. People who smok not only harm themselves but also others around them. Those who do not smoke yet somehow breathe/get exposed to cigarette smoke are called inactive smokers and they get harm from it as well but they are more like minor harms compared to the ones the smoker gets.



How Cigarettes Harm You

  • First of all, cigarette causes the worst harm to the baby of a pregnant mother. It causes loss of 10%-15% of weight and mental deficiency to the baby.
  • Substances like carbon monoxide, nicotine and tar that are found in tobacco cause illnesses of the respiratory system such as bronchitis, emphysema and much worse; lung cancer.


  • The carbon monoxide in cigarettes destroys the oxygen in the blood and when there`s lack of oxygen, the fat that grows in the veins causes high cholesteroland that finaly causes heart attacks.
  • The risk of cancer, ulcer and bleeding in the stomach increases if you are smoking
  • Smoking causes bad breath, dental and gum problems and loss of palate.
  • Smoking kills the brain cells and might cause Alzheimer
  • Smoking causes the disorders of genitalias
  • Smoking also harms your skin and nails.
  • And most importantly smoking is addictive



If smoked by a pregnant woman, the baby suffers the worst harm from it.



Smoking cigarettes is highly addictive


A list of the harmful substances in a cigarette

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