Why Do Girls Cheat

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While mostly guys are known to be cheating, we also know that girls sometimes cheat on their boyfriends too. However, there are many differences between a guy`s cheating and a girl`s cheating. For a girl to cheat, there usually is a more severe reason that makes her really unhappy. In this article, we are listing the reasons why girls cheat for you guys who is curious about the matter.

1. Lack Of Attention

Girls do like the attention from they boyfriends and they do look for it. Of course, we are not saying that all girls are attention seekers. Getting the attention they need from their boyfriends, girls feel that they are attractive to their boyfriends and they are desired by them. This makes them really happy. However, lack of attention and, worse, ignoring them make them feel like they are not loved and found attractive anymore and they seek the attention and love they need outside of the relationship. Spend romantic times with your girlfriend, tell her how much you love her and make sure that she knows you admire her.

2. Self Esteem

This also has a lot to do with the attention you give to your girlfriend. Girls with high self esteem are unlikely to cheat as they are happy with themselves and their relationships. Yet, of course, this does not mean every girl with a low self esteem would cheat. Yet, attention from you boosts your girlfriend`s self esteem and a girl with a high self esteem will also make you the happy side in the relationship.


3. Revenge

Did you cheat on her before? If your answer is yes and you cheated on her before, then you can expect to be cheated as well. Moreover; the reason for the girl to get revenge is not always being cheated on by their boyfriends. She might have caught a big lie from you, maybe you did something else to make her feel betrayed. When a girl feels betrayed, she will want you to feel the same thing so you would understand.

4. Lack of Intimacy

You can try to make your girlfriend happy by buying her gifts and messaging her frequently. Guys mostly have the misinformation that they can keep their girlfriends happy while they can buy them gifts, especially expensive ones. Your girlfriend will enjoy and appreaciate the gifts yet if you are just doing to that thinking she will be happy and ignore the intimacy in your relationship, it will not take much time for her to start to feel the lack of intimacy in your relationship. So, make sure you are spending enough time to be intimate with your girlfriend.


5. Not Being Appreciated

A girl who loves her boyfriend is ready to sacrifice things from her life for him and she is always in search and effort to do things to show how much she loves him and to make him happy as well. Maybe she can be doing almost everything you ask her to do yet if you fail to appreciate her acts, the girl will try to find the appreciation she needs from other guys. Thank her and show her that you are happy and grateful for her effort.

6. Lack Of Emotion

Girls do have much more intense emotions than guys do. And emotions are very important them. So important that the most crucial thing in a relationship for girls is that the couple can support and satisfy each other emotionally. Do not try to get into a long term relationship with a girl if you are not emotionally attracted to her and cannot satisfy emotionally. The lack of emotion can make your girlfriend cheat and it can even make her end your relationship.


7. Breaking Up Excuse

Sometimes, when girls are bored of the relationship they have with their boyfriend, they want to break up yet knowing they might break your heart, they cannot get themselves to do it. Instead, they can find cheating as a way to easy break up. And if you are angry at them for cheating, you have a reason to break up so, as a result, they pass the burden of breaking up on you.

When we oversee all the reason a girl cheats, we can all see that it is mostly about how they feel and their emotions. So, if you really do love your girlfriend and want a nice long term relationship with her, make sure to support her emotionally and make her feel good whenever she is with you. If you do not want to take the responsbility of making a girl emotionally satisfied and do not really care how she feels about herself, then we suggest you do not start a relationship at all.


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