Why Do Guys Cheat

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It said that every guy cheats at a point in his life. It is not known or proved that that is true and we cannot also say that every guy cheats. However, if you want to know the reasons why guys cheat, keep reading as in this article we will list the reasons why guys cheat.

1. Emotional Dissatisfaction (48%)

Yes, that`s true. Guys have emotions too and they even have intense emotions. They just do not express their emotions like the way girls do and not as openly as girls do. They prefer to express their emotions with other ways and you only need to look for the right signs. If you believe that all guys cheat for sex, you can forget about it. Researches show that only 8% of cheating guys cheat only for sex. Since guys cannot express emotions as opens as girls do, they might not get the respond for them and as a result, they might make them feel they lack the emotional satisfaction they need and they try to find that saticfaction by cheating. 48% of cheating guys cheat for this reason.

2. Close Social Circle (40%)

This might now look scary to you but we say you should keep in mind. Researches say that 40% of cheating guys cheat their girlfriends with another girl within their close social circle. This means it can be a girl in his group of friends, a girl at where he works, a girl in his classroom at school or any girl other than the girlfriend he is regularly spending time with. Yet, with this matter, the girl in question`s behavior is very important. If the girl does not act like she is open to that relationship, he cannot approach her that way. Yet if the girl seems too positive towards him, keeps praising him openly states admiring him, the cheating happens.


3. Regretting What He Did (66%)

Again it might be hard to believe yet 66% of cheating guys says they regret cheating on their girlfriends. It is also knows that 68% of cheating guys cheat on their girlfriends even though they thought they would never cheat on her. And a majority of these guys usually regret cheating either of the act of cheating or during it. Yet guys are much more better than controlling and ignoring their emotions so regretting it does not stop them from cheating.

4. Having A Cheating Friend (77%)

77% is a large number and so this is the most frequently reason why guys cheat. If a guy has a friend or friends who cheat, they tend to believe cheating is something simple and ordinary thing to do and this make them consider doing so. So, what can you do if your boyfriend has a friend like this? First of all, telling him to stop seeing his friend will never work. That will only cause him to tell more lies to you. You can offer hanging with his friends and their girlfriends all together. You can offer them to meet at less risky places like restaurants instead of bars. 77% of cheating guys cheat because they have a friend or friends who cheat.

5. Better Looking Girl (12%)

This means that 12% of cheating guys cheat because the girl they cheat way is better looking than their girlfriends. While it is not everything, physical beauty is important for guys and if you stop looking after yourself after a point in your relationship, your guy would think you do not look as attractive as you did anymore and plus he`d also have the thought that you do not think he is worthy of looking good for anymore. Look after yourself and look good. That does not mean you have to do things that you will be uncomfortable with (like too much make up). Guys do like natural beauty, just make sure you look pretty and natural.


6. New Girl (6%)

This number makes it obvious to us that guys that tend to cheat usually do not cheat with a girl whom they newly met. Only 6% of cheating guys say that they cheated on their girlfriends with a girl they met on the same day. 73% od cheating guys, which is a large number, cheat on their girlfriends with the girls who they have known at least for a month. This means if your boyfriend is inclined to cheat on you, you might be able to catch some signs of it. Look out for these signs; Spending more time away from you, stopping making love or doing it less, more frequent fights and/or arguments, not responding to your calls or messages. So, what do you need to do at this case? Spend more time with each other and share emotional and important moments. Find activities to make your relationship exciting again.


If you show him enough love, attention and make him know you appreacite him in every way; it will be less likely that your boyfriend would cheat. If he still cheats despite that, then it means he is not worth your time and he does not deserve your love and attention. Still, keep it in mind that not every guy cheats and you need a solid proof to blame your boyfriend with such a thing.


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