Why I Don`t Have a BOYFRIEND

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You have a life that you are satisfied with, you have a school or a job, you have no problem with having friends but still single. Do you need to know why you have been single for quite a long time while your friends have had many boyfriends and perhaps even lost lasting, happy and sweet romantic relationships. Are you feeling like you are forever alone? If you want to finally understand why, just keep reading.



Are one of these is the reason you have been single?

  • It is difficult to find a good enough guy in where i live
  • All guys are interested in popular and very pretty girls
  • Guys only want to be with me just to make me help them because; iam good at classes / have a nice salary...etc
  • Guys do not like strong, smart and independent girls
  • The guys around me are not my type. I don`t want a relationship with the likes of them.

With one of these statements you might have as a reason to not having a boyfriend, there`s a good and bad side of it. First you are not alone; there are many girls who think the same way and yet all those thoughts are prejudicial and do limit you and keep from being able to see possible potential boyfriends around you. You might thing they way you think is right however it is also a fact that you have built that reasoning because of the things you have experienced in the past and if you keep insisting on thinking that way, it means you insists on living in the past instead of enjoying the present time you need to embrace.



What You Can Do To Change That?

If you really are not happy with being a single girl. Then you need to make a small sacrifice and change the way you view the matter if it is like the ones we listed above. If you are not one of those girls who are happy with being single and if you really want a boyfriend, you can do these to change your prejudicial thoughts about having a relationship.

1. Think of the guys you have met before who were not enjoying your company just because they need help from you about something. Then try to question your own ideas about the guys around you and try to see that not all guys are the same.

2. Past is past. If you had a bad and heartbreaking experience before, it does not mean all the guys are the same and would break your heart mercilessly.

3. Try to convince yourself that what you believe about guys do not apply to all the guys all over the world. Every individual has unique personalities and this is the same for the guys. Perhaps your friends have long lasting and happy relationships. Then how did they manage to have such relationships if there are no proper guys around?

4. Try to be flexible and open your mind to other ideas and thought. Do not strictly focus on your prejudicial thoughts and remember that you would never know if a person is good or bad unless you meet and get to know them. Relax and give yourself the opportunity to get to know people.

5. Not all guys are interested in popular and very pretty girls. Keep it in mind that each guy have a different personality so have different preferences and choice even though they all seem to be thinking the same way.


If you try to follow these suggestions, you might also want to hear the suggestions from the other people. Do not directly refuse them and simply evaluate the suggestions in your mind and follow them if they feel reasonable. Some girls behave like they are proud to be a single girl in order not to look like unhappy forever alone. If you are one of those girls, just think of it; do you want to keep false happiness because you are too prideful to change your mind or do you just want to be happy?

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