Why is gluten bad

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Gluten is a protein found in cereal grains such as wheat, group. Wheat, especially rye, barley, other cereal grains, including oats and cereals are also closely related, and therefore they also contain gluten.


Gluten the protein found in wheat which is responsible for the strong structure of the dough. Gluten proteins are responsible for making bread formed during the reticulated structure. Promotion is very important to the structure of the circuit, and the gluten-free bread can not be in the form of the desired structure.

Gluten is easily digestible for many people through the gastrointestinal track, a normal protein. However, some people can not digest gluten. These individuals are referred to celiac disease, who are intolerant to gluten.


When the people with celiac disease eat foods containing gluten, the immune system responds by damaging the small intestine. Specifically, the small intestine in the membrane, called villi of the small finger-like protrusions are lost. Nutrients from food are absorbed into the bloodstream through the villi. Without villi, a person becomes malnourished - as irrelevant to the amount of food eaten.

Because the body`s own immune system causes damage, celiac disease is considered to be an autoimmune disorder. However, it is of a nutrient absorption disorder. Celiac disease, also psiloz celiac disease, gluten-sensitive enteropathy, non-tropical, and is also known as psiloz.

Celiac disease is a genetic disorder observed in families. Sometimes, illness, surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, viral infection or severe emotional stress triggered or becomes active for the first time.

In fact gluten is a valuable nutrient itself, but you should be careful if you have a celiac disease problem.

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