Why is The SKY Blue

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Our home, Earth, is called as `The Blue Planet` among all other planets in our solar system. In a clear cloudless day-time, you can see sky is blue.

So why do we have such a blue sky? Many scientists have been looking for an answer to this question. There have been many studies and they explored that the sunlight is in fact a mixture of colors which take place in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. There are many molecules of gas in the atmosphere which interact with the sunlight before the light reaches us. The blue part of the sunlight is more scattered than the red part by the gas molecules in the atmosphere. The blue part has a high frequency while red has the low one. Therefore the Sun appears to us reddish-yellow and the sky surrounding the Sun is colored by these scattered blue waves of the sunlight.


In addition to these, the angles of the sunlight and the condition of the atmosphere in terms of gas molecules, may change the color of the blue sky. If  the air is clear, you will see the sunset yellow, because the light coming from the sun has travelled a long way through air and some of the blue light has been gone away at this period. Whereas if the air is polluted with small particles, somehow,you will see the sunset of the most photos: the sunset will be more red. Both the light coming from the sun and the sky around it will be more red. The reason of this is all light is scattered relatively well through small angles?but leaving the yellow, red and orange,  blue light has more tendency to be scattered twice or more through the long distances. However if there are some accumulated particles in the air, you may also see an orange sunset over the sea.

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