Why people are right handed and left handed

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People use which hand is determined by commands sent by the brain. The human brain consists of two main sections and commands are sent to these departments with the functionality of the hands revealed. The human brain is not anatomically and functionally symmetrical and the tasks / sections that are undertaken by the parts are different.

Both parts of the brain are in interaction with each other, but usually one of them is more dominant than the other one. Right-handed people use the left side of the brain, predominantly left-handed people use the right side of the brain. Both sides of the brain take on different functions while the right side undertakes three-dimensional intelligence, creativity, music, intuition, the left side takes on functions such as visual memory, speech, analytical intelligence and logical thinking.


Despite the sophistication of such a medicine and technology, people still couldn?t fully explore reasons for being left-handed. Even today, the answer to this question can not be given clearly, scientists also approached in different ways and different theories have emerged from each other;

· During the ancient times, people held their shields with their left hands whereas they held the attack tools in their right hands. This was because of the place of the heart in the body, as it was in the left side, the shield was protecting the heart. Remaining stationary with respect to the right hand, left hand has led to the further development of the right hand.

· In order to make babies feel their own heart beats and sleep well, mothers have kept their babies with left hands and at the same time they have done various jobs with the right hands. This leads the right hand gain more ability to move than left hand.

· When they are born, babies are neither left-handed nor right-handed. The locations of the objects around them decide the dominant part of their brain.

· Being left-handed is about genetics, it comes from the family according to the DNA structure. It is transferred with the recessive genes thus it occurs rarely. One point is certain that left-handed people can use actively both spheres of their brain in contrast to the right handed. The right handed people use only one part of the brain dominantly which is the most current theory, and the left- handed people are more outstanding in society as they can use both spheres, they have the ability of thinking more comprehensively.


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